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 Save Money and Save Animals!
The New Hampshire SPCA is an ENH Power to Help Partner!
ENH Power will make a donation to the New Hamphsire SPCA with every new enrollment. *Please remember to select the NHSPCA on the enrollment form when asked how you heard about ENH Power.
If you are a NH resident and a customer of PSNH, Liberty or Unitil, here’s an opportunity to save money as well as generate funds for the NHSPCA.  ENH Power is an electricity supply company that can provide lower rates on electricity.  Your current utility company will continue delivery (i.e. you remain a customer of PSNH or Unitil) but the cost of supply is less.  For example, PSNH charges 9.54 cents/kwh and ENH Power charges 7.284/kwh.  ENH Power is a “green” company and offers choices based on how green you want to be.
ENH Power, under their “Power to Help” program, has designated the NHSPCA as a recipient of $5.00 for any PSNH, Liberty or Unitil customer who signs up with ENH as their electricity supplier.  You can enroll online here:
You can designate the NHSPCA as the recipient during the enrollment process.  If your utility company is not one of the three listed, contact ENH Power to determine if you can make the change.
For more info please visit ENH Power online at